“Working with Leslie on projects is extremely rewarding—it is not often you have the opportunity to develop concepts with an artist who can grasp your thoughts and convert them to images. Whether it is on walls, floors, canvas or furniture, the results have always reflected the results we were looking for. On top of everything else, you’ll enjoy the process!” Irwin W. Berman, ASID Public murals and privately commissioned works are the avenues in which I am able to share my artistic expertise with others, focusing on their ideas to bring their vision to fruition. My first mural projects were with the CETA funded government arts program in the late 1970's in New Jersey; I continued to work with the public as a CityArts Workshop muralist in Manhattan until 1983. I have designed, coordinated and completed many projects in the Hudson Valley since moving here in 1986, including at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. A 200 foot mural graces the walls of the Slueth's Mystery Theater in Orlando, Florida. Murals are priced in concordance with the INTERNATIONAL MURAL PRICING CHART. Visit me on Thumbtack~">Leslie Bender Fine Arts & Mural

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